Marset Dipping Light Table Light

Marset Dipping Light Table Light

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Designed by Jordi Canudas for Marset, Dipping Light is a beautifully elegant contemporary design. When it’s turned on, the different shades of paint sift the light, creating a magical ambient effect. When it’s off, the coloured glass sphere is an object of beauty, and an eye-catching design piece. Jordi Canudas is an alchemist of light, always pushing boundaries and developing new approaches. Dipping Light was created from this experimental design approach – dipping a lit bulb into paint several times and analysing the results, the Dipping Light family emerged. The various layers of paint draw concentric circles and capture the light, moderating its intensity. The paint becomes the shade, colouring and texturizing the light. Dipping Light is available in three table light versions; Dipping Light, Dipping Light S and Dipping Light M. The structure is available in Brushed Brass or Graphite, and the hand-blown glossy white glass sphere is available in Off-White, Blue, Green, Amber, Pink or Black.

  • Marset Dipping Light Table Light Details:
  • Versions:
    Dipping Light: Glass Sphere Diameter 12.5CM, Height 22.2CM
    Dipping Light S: Glass Sphere Diameter 20CM, Height 36CM
    Dipping Light M: Glass Sphere Diameter 30CM, Height 54CM

  • Finishes:
    Structure: Brushed Brass or Graphite
    Glass Sphere: Off-White, Blue, Green, Amber, Pink or Black.
  • Lamps:
    Dipping Light: 3.4W 2700K Warm White Integrated LED 150lm (Included)
    Dipping Light S: 10.7W 2700K Warm White Integrated LED 546lm (Included)
    Dipping Light M: 10.7
    W 2700K Warm White Integrated LED 948lm (Included)

  • Control:
    Dipping Light: On-Off Switch
    Dipping Light S: Dimmer Control
    Dipping Light M: Dimmer Control

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