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Arredare Appointed Official Cini & Nils Dealers!

Arredare Appointed Official Cini & Nils Dealers!

Arredare appointed official Cini & Nils dealers! The outstanding Italian design brand, Cini & Nils, have joined the growing Arredare Collection. Founded in 1969 by Mario Melocchi and Franco Bettonica, Cini & Nils developed numerous Design Objects, many of which are now included the MoMA, New York collection. In 1972 Cini & Nils priduced Cuboluce, a fusion of decor accessory and light fitting, and it was to become the beginning of the Cini & Nils lighting story. Guided by art director and company president Luta Bettonica, Cini & Nils are now recognised among the best Italian design factories. With a reputation for products that have written the history of lighting, Cini & Nils is now a byword for quality, research, design and Made in Italy.



Cini & Nils CuboLed




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