Vistosi, Luciano

Vistosi, Luciano

Luciano Vistosi was born in Venice on February 24 1931, he grew up on the island of Murano where his family owned a glass works which produced industrial products. When his father died in 1952 Luciano Vistosi ended his studies and together with his uncle Oreste and brother Gino, founded the new Vetreria Vistosi with the aim of creating products that were more design led.

The Vetreria Vistosi began working with some of the greatest designers of the time, such as Aulenti, Zanuso, Magistretti and Sottsass.

Luciano Vistosi’s work led to the creation of new products, such as his series of lamps including the famous Onfale table light. Following the premature death of his uncle Oreste and brother Gino, Vetreria Vistosi was sold.

Luciano Vistosi’s artistic life began in the glass works and subsequently developed autonomously. His first one-man exhibition took place in 1968 at the Alfieri Gallery in Venice. At the end of the 1960s he focused his attention on blown glass. His first great sculptures were created in the glass work furnaces in the early 1970s. From this moment on Vistosi alternated the diverse techniques he had experimented with, resulting over the years in sculptures of blown glass and blocks of sculptured glass

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