Timmermans, Hugo

Timmermans, Hugo

Hugo Timmermans graduated from the Academy for Industrial Design in 1992. He won the Dutch Prize for Young Designers, followed by the Prize for Best Dutch Furniture Design with the 'Orange Box Cupboard', (Droog Design Collection). In 1997 he started the production company Optic Product Development and the brand Optic. In 2000 he joined the 3D department of Solar Initiative, which was the first cooperation with Willem Van Der Sluis. In 2001 Customr was born, another collaboration between Willem van der Sluis and Hugo Timmermans. In 2002 Customr won 4 international awards with the Greenlight Collection, a series of lights of which the first pieces are now produced by Luceplan.

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Luceplan Aircon Suspension Light

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