Rainaldi, Bruno

Rainaldi, Bruno

I am a sidewalk designer - Thats how Bruno Rainaldi described himself. From the class of 1952, and without a formal academic education, he has earned an important place in Italian design. He began by inventing new commercial strategies for contemporary design companies; only later did he start designing his own pieces in order to fill those holes that he noticed at the beginning of the nineties. In 2004 he was awarded the prestigious Compasso dOro for his ingenious vertical bookshelves system Ptolomeo.

My style? Chaotically rigorous - For most people I belong more to the art world, but that only makes me push against this idea. In my view to be an artist requires pain. And I dont have a natural aptitude for suffering. I like quality in life. I want to be with people and be part of a creative team. Bruno Rainaldi left us 23rd February 2011. In his showroom, Entratalibera, in the heart of Milan, he worked for years on new expressive shapes and objects that he himself has defined as - bizarre but very close to market.

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Slamp Ceremony Suspension Light

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