Mañosa, Xavier

Mañosa, Xavier

Xavier Mañosa founded Apparatu just five years ago in Berlin and, in that short space of time, he has become one of the most up and coming ceramicists of his generation. Mañosa's displays an eagerness to experiment which is linked to his knowledge of his trade, drawn from his home background as his parents were masters of ceramics before him. Until 2009, Mañosa had his creative base in Berlin, from where he returned to the family workshop, located in an old industrial estate in Barcelona, where ceramic products for the building industry used to be produced. Nowadays, it is actually a focal point for antiques, which gives it a most inspiring atmosphere.

What fundamentally distinguishes Mañosa as a modern-day ceramicist is his boldness when it comes to combining different materials and to exploring new forms of expression. Another question by which Xavier Mañosa has always set great store, from the outset, is the way in which his work is presented, which is obviously a reflection of his training as a designer and the fact that he belongs to the ‘digital generation’. On the one hand, his work stands out as a brand and, on the other, he raises its prominence through his website and by participating in numerous exhibitions and promotional events both inside Spain and elsewhere. Pieces by Apparatu have been exhibited at contemporary design fairs and festivals inLondon, Frankfurt, Saint- Étienne, Tokyo, New York, México and Stockholm, as well as in Madrid and Barcelona.

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Marset Pleat Box Suspension Light

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