Jacobsen, Arne

Jacobsen, Arne

Arne Jacobsen was one of the most outstanding Danish Architects and industrial designers of the twentieth century. He introduced modern architecture to Denmark and contributed to its further development, providing  versatility and a clear understanding of the functions of design. Arne Jacobsen was trained as a bricklayer and graduated from the Technical College in 1924 and the Copenhagen Art Academy in 1927. In 1928, among other projects, he received a golden medal in the academy for his project of a National Museum in Klampenborg. He combined his studies and working at the Fiskers Architects studio and, between 1927 and 1929, worked at Paul Holsoe's studio. His first works are the reflection of Danish tradition, of the style known as Nordic Neoclassicism, with pure volumes, sloping roofs, brick facades of alternating colours. But soon this Romantic-Nationalist style was influenced by the Bauhaus and Functionalism.

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