Bermúdez, Inma

Bermúdez, Inma

Bermúdez, Inma

Inma Bermúdez studied at the University Cardenal Herrera CEU, in Valencia, as well as the School of Applied Sciences and Design of Pforzheim, Germany. At the beginning of her career, Bermúdez worked for German design studios Idea, Busse Design and Prodesign. Bermúdez collaborates at the Vitra Design Museum and the Centre Georges Pompidou workshops in South West France. In 2006, she began working with the well-known Swedish brand Ikea, joining the department of Design in Älmhult, Sweden. Since then, Bermúdez has strengthened her affiliation with IKEA as a freelance designer working on a variety of products. In 2007, she joined the Valencian porcelain company Lladró where she developed pieces for the innovative Lladró Atelier; successful collections include The Parrots Party and Metropolis. Bermúdez set up Studio Inma Bermúdez in Valencia, Spain, in 2007. Their work is focused mainly on furniture, lighting and accessories. They develop products for companies all over the world and Studio Inma Bermúdez also engage in teaching in different Design Schools.

In 2001, Inma Bermúdez was awarded the First Prize of Furniture Design by Andreu World. She also received special mentions in the furniture exposition C’DIM in Valencia, the contest of “50 caramelos con palo” and Imagineering by Dupont. In 2008, the product Acero door station by Ritto, designed by Bermúdez at Prodesign, received the German design prize of DesignPlus and was nominated for the prize DesignPreis 2009.

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